Ultimate Svalbard with Wildlife Photographer Andy Rouse

Location Svalbard

This is a unique 10-day voyage on the M/S Virgo to photograph and experience Svalbard and its wildlife during the late season. At this time of the year with the sun getting close to setting for a long winter, the light will be terrific and having 10 days means we can travel as far as we can east and also maximise our chances of seeing all the wonders of Svalbard. This will be a special Arctic expedition cruise.


Just 2 double cabins remaining.

Outline Itinerary

1. Fly to Oslo & overnight.
2. Fly to Svalbard and board ship.
3 - 10. Expedition cruising.
11. Disembark and return to UK/Europe.


From £10,500 per person

Departure Dates

3 - 13 September 2023

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The M/S Virgo is a recently refurbished, fully ice-strengthened vessel and this will be the second time Andy has been on board her leading a trip. Because of her small size, she can go many places where larger ships fear to sail. There will be a great captain who is obsessed with showing clients the wonders of Svalbard. The ship serves great food and provides a wonderful atmosphere. Decks are low giving great angles for photography and zodiacs are used to get ashore and to observe wildlife among the ice floes.

There will be no set itinerary, but the plan will be to reach the sea ice where the polar bears roam the edges in search of their diet of seals. It is also expected that you will sail by the incredible ice cliffs of Austfonna, the world's third largest icecap. You will also like stop by the large walrus colony at Storoya to photography these characterful creatures.

Another feature of this Arctic expedition cruise will be the terrific light that can be experienced as sun rises each day a few degrees above the horizon, a magical time to be crusiing off Spitsbergen.

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