Bush & Beach

Norman Carr began walking safaris in Zambia. These gentle walks through the African bush are an exciting way to experience nature with heightened senses and this itinerary lets you walk between Norman Carr Safaris wilderness camps in South Luangwa National Park with a sleep out in the heart of some of the best African bush country. After this adventure you will fly to Likoma Island for 4 nights at the stunning Kaya Mawa to relax on the beach.

Outline Itinerary

1. Depart UK.
2. Arrive Mfuwe & transfer to Nsolo Camp
3. Safari activities from camp
4. Safari activities from camp
5. Walking safari & sleepout
6. Walk to Kakuli Camp or Mchenja Camp
7. Safari activities from camp
8. Safari activities from camp
9. Fly to Lilongwe & connect to Likoma Island
10. At leisure at Kaya Mawa
11. At leisure at Kaya Mawa
12. At leisure at Kaya Mawa
13. Fly to Lilongwe to depart Malawi.
14. Arrive UK.


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Departure Dates

April - October

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We think this is a lovely combination of wildlife and water, bush and beach. South Luangwa is the famous jewel in the crown of Zambia's national parks and almost certainly the most popular safari destination in the country. It is easily reach with connections from international flights in Lusaka, the capital. It will be a long day but on arrival in Mfuwe in the afternoon it is a couple of hours safari drive through the park to Nsolo Camp, remote in the African bush.

A welcome arrival and a very comfy tented room overlooking the Luwi River sees you soon ensconced in a seemingly vast wilderness that you will get to know intimately over the next few days. The next morning your safari starts in earnest with a morning game drive to gain some orientation of the area, perhaps to find an overnight kill or to enjoy seeking out the lions, leopards and wild dogs that inhabit the area.

After a couple of day exploring the anticipation mounts for the start of your walking safari. You will walk for a few hours with your guide and park ranger, tracking and discovering more about the plants and wildlife that are intertwined in evolutionary relationships. As the day draws to a close you will arrive at your sleepout sited on the sandy river bed. A fireside meal under the stars and good company reflecting on your adventures brings a contentedness with your safari experiences.

The next day you will reach either Kakuli Camp or Mchenja Camp depending on where you decide to walk. Another couple of days on safari from these camps beside the Luangwa River, either with additional bush walks or more usually game drives and night drives brings a truly authentic safari experience to an end.

With your safari memories racing you will pass through Lilongwe to Likoma Island and the delightfully tranquil setting of Kaya Mawa on a perfect beach. With the warm waters inviting and delicious cuisine, this is the best place to end this very nicely balanced safari holiday.


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