Travelling to Swedish Lapland during the winter months not only offers fantastic opportunities to indulge in the many winter activities on offer but also provides a fascinating insight into Sami history and unique cultural experiences. You will encounter fewer people during the winter months and between October and March the Northern Lights can be observed from anywhere in northern Sweden given the right weather conditions.

The holiday was terrific, food and hospitality wonderful! Wildlife & Wilderness took all the pressure of organising trips which left us to enjoy them. Mr G.U. - Wales

Had a really great time - everyone was so friendly and went out of their way to ensure we had a good time. Even the Northern Lights performed superbly!Ms. J. A. - London

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Cold adventures in the North

Luleå & the Bothnian Coast

Wonderful places to stay & explore


City on the water

Discover Our Sweden

Reindeer racing! The best fun ever and don’t under-estimate how fast they can run.

Journey 900m above sea level in an open-air chairlift in -39°C to the Aurora Sky Station.

Being taught by a professional how to perfectly photograph the Northern Lights

Snowmobiling at high speed across the frozen Bay of Bothnia.

Tuck into sautéed reindeer cooked on an open fire in the wilderness.

The bizarre moment you realise it's warmer inside the ICEHOTEL (at-5°C) than it is outside!

Enjoy an ice-cold beer in a wood fired sauna.

Attending an Ice Music concert in giant igloo concert hall where incredible sounds are produced from instruments made entirely of ice.

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200km north of the Arctic Circle, the banks of the Torne River provide an inspirational setting for the original ICEHOTEL. This is not just a hotel, it is a unique work of art which sees artists from around the world gather to create an exclusive and breathtaking exhibition that will melt away leaving only its footprint come springtime.

The classic ICEHOTEL is an amazing feat of construction which takes place annually, transforming from solid ice to a free-flowing river during the space of a few months. New for 2017, a brand new experience can be at enjoyed at ICEHOTEL 365, a permanent structure that sits alongside it's older sister offering an ice experience year-round.

Witness this iconic hotel as a day visitor or, if you are brave enough spend a night 'on ice', either way you will not fail to be impressed.

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Northern Sweden - Off the Beaten Track

Located just 100km south of the Arctic Circle, Luleå welcomes you year-round with a host indoor and outdoor experiences. During the summer months, the Gulf of Bothnia which surrounds Luleå is filled with boats allowing you to escape to the enticing archipelago of over 1300 islands.

In winter, the brackish waters freeze over and boats are replaced by cars that navigate the ploughed ice roads. From Brandon Lodge, you can explore the outer reaches of the frozen archipelago and witness the incredible ice formations by snowmobile or hovercraft.

Enjoy the tranquillity of Gammelstad with a stroll around the largest and most well-preserved church town in Sweden. Located just outside Luleå, this World Heritage site is home to over 400 original church cottages, gathered around a medieval stone church.

In stark contrast, just an hour away in Harads, the TreeHotel brings you directly back to the modern day, offering some of the coolest accommodation in Sweden suspending in the trees of a northern forest.

Whether you choose to travel in the summer months to take advantage of the natural beaches, long, long days and plethora of outdoor pursuits or await the frozen landscapes of winter that bring other unique experiences such as ice music in an igloo concert hall, northern lights and dog sledding, this region will not disappoint.

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Stockholm - Sweden's stunning capital

One our favourite cities in the world having spent much time here. Why a favourite? Quite simply the vibe and the ability to escape close by. Stylish, classical, modern, enlightened and active, Stockholm is all of these and more.

With so much to see you could easily add on a week here to really get a feel for this great Scandinavian capital. Gamla Stan, the old town is undoubtedly one of the highlights with its narrow lanes; the Royal Palace, Stadhus, then the Vasa museum, Skansen & Djurgarden and of course boat trips out to the wonderful archipelago or to Drottingholm Palace; all ensure enjoyable moments.

With easy connections into Terminalen from the airport and then almost everything at hand, Stockholm is an easy city to discover on foot from elegant restaurants to boutique shopping, to sightseeing nothing is too far away particularly as Stockholm boasts a good public transport network. There is no reason not to include Stockholm in your holiday plans.

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Our Holiday Ideas

The itineraries here have been carefully thought through based on our own first hand knowledge but our intention is always to create your own perfect trip. For a truly diverse and memorable holiday in Sweden you may combine different accommodations and experiences for a longer stay.

Selected Accommodation

With a high standard of living, Swedish hotels and guesthouses tend to be of high quality, often oozing the simplistic yet homely Scandi style that we have all grown to love. Although accommodations come in all shapes and sizes, to provide an authentic and personal experience we work with small, family owned and operated properties where good relationships with local activity providers have been established, ensuring you receive the very best from your stay. You may also combine the countryside with the city by spending a few days in Stockholm.

We would highly recommend Wildlife & Wilderness. We dealt with Vicki, who created a unique package just for us and her experience of the places, and knowledge, proved to be excellent and detailed. A lot of work and effort was put into pulling everything together for us, and because of this it went seamlessly and was much appreciated. We had a wonderful Bucket List holiday! Mr. & Mrs. B, Evesham.

About Sweden

Although the largest of the Scandinavian countries, Sweden, with its relatively small population boasts plenty of space. Space to explore the untouched wilderness, space to breathe the purest air, space to discover yourself. In fact 97% of the country is unpopulated. Filled with forests, lakes and open landscapes wildlife resides here in abundance. From moose, reindeer and various birds to the more elusive wolf, lynx, wolverine and even bears.

With a relaxed attitude to life the Swedes enjoy a healthy lifestyle. They do the 'right' thing which results in a friendly, welcoming and very clean country. Even the Swedish cuisine is a celebration of nature, from picked berries to cured salmon and pickled herring. Simple yet satisfying fare is the order of the day, often created using organic, locally grown or regional ingredients which are both tasty and healthy.

In summer it's time head outdoors, enjoy nature, go walking, fishing, sailing, berry picking and when the sun finally sets after the long endless days of the midnight sun, there are still plenty of outdoor pursuits to entertain you, especially in the north.

Nestled between Norway and Finland, Swedish Lapland is often overlooked in favour of its Nordic neighbours. However its appeal is growing and it's easy to see why. The original Ice Hotel, unique architecturally designed properties and outstanding northern lights opportunities are just a few of the reasons. Rich in history, the indigenous Sami people’s nomadic lifestyle is still very much alive in the north and traditional pastimes of dog sledding, reindeer sleighs and snowshoes remain part of their everyday life.

Also in the north, in the heart of the Kiruna Mountains, Abisko National Park is easily accessible and is a draw for many visitors year round. In the summer months hiking and camping are high on the wish list and this nature lover’s paradise is home to an array of wildlife including squirrel, marten, stoat, lemmings, reindeer and elk. Also making the odd guest appearance you may be lucky enough to encounter wolverine, arctic Fox and lynx. From August through to the end of March the northern lights are main reason for travel as Abisko is deemed to be one of the 'best places on earth' to witness the Aurora Borealis. This is due to its clear skies and virtually no light pollution which is probably the reason the world-famous Aurora Sky Station is located here!


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