Just a short hop from the UK, Slovenia will delight with the diversity this small country packs into its borders. Claiming to be green and clean; with stunning alpine peaks in the north, the highest density of bears in Europe in the forests of the south, dramatic limestone karst scenery towards the Mediterranean, rolling hills covered in vineyards to the east, and a nation of bee-keepers there is something for everyone who loves to be out in nature. The scenery is incredible, the people genuinely welcoming and with our itineraries, it is easy to explore some hidden corners with truly expert guides.

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Discover Our Slovenia - And why you should travel with us

Discovering ever more beautiful vistas in the mountains.

Tasting pumpkin seed oil.

Watching a European brown bear in its natural habitat from the safety of a hide.

Enjoying a coffee or a draught Union beer beside the river after exploring the old city of Ljubljana.

Running like a child through meadows full of flowers chasing exotic butterflies and other insects busy with their summer activities.

Walking in quiet, primaeval ancient forests.

Enjoying BBQ's in the wilderness with your guides.

Understanding the fascinating workings of Slovenian bee houses.

Climbing through the hairpins of the Vrsic Pass.

Revel in sharing time with passionate & knowledgeable guides.

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Natural History - A great diveristy of plants and animals

Needless to say but we choose the countries in which we operate carefully and in Europe Slovenia certainly comes up to the mark for natural history. The diverse habitats to be found in this small country; from the dramatic high Alps through the meadows of limestone karst and the ancient forests to the coastal wetlands, all ensure an equally fascinating array of flora and fauna including many rare species. Approximately 800 species are endemic or near endemic to Slovenia.

Spendid flowers bloom in the warmth of the Central European and Mediterranean climates right across the country and flora forays will be very rewarding. Besides the annual Wild Flower Festival in Bohinj which occurs around late May to early June each year there is much to discover once the snows have melted until their return. Hellebores, orchids, Alpines and so much more to enthrall.

Grasshoppers, dragonflies and butterflies all have a high number of European species represented. Fire salamanders, Alpine newts, vipers and other snakes can be readily sought. Bird watching from the high peaks where eagles soar to the wetlands is always rewarding. Mammals are well represented with many otter, deer, rare lynx and a number of wolf packs plus the highest density of bears in Europe with around 650 bears recorded in the wild southern forests of the Dinaric Alps.

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Adventures - From walks to white-water rafting

The perfect destination for enjoying the outdoors, Slovenia has ample and accessible activities for all. Being a small country means you can be hiking and moutain biking in the morning, rafting or sightseeing in the afternoon.

From serious treks high in the rocky Julian Alps to more gentle forays through the forests of the Dinaric Alps. From a morning mountain biking to extended expeditions it is possible to arrange your ideal adventure.

Hospitality and culinary delights feature high alongside outstanding adventures and Slovenia is rapidly gaining a reputation for superb activity holidays for families and our week long adventure is perfectly suited to older families.

With years of experience of outdoor adventures we are perfectly placed to tailor you own mini-adventure or activity holiday.

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Ljubljana - Compact classic capital

Ljubljana, situated in the heart of the country is an ideal launchpad to all other regions but certainly deserves its own time. Distinctive in the capital is the castle that sits on a rocky promontory high above the medieval old town rich in Baroque and Renaissance architecture. The castle can be reached by a steep walk or a funicular railway. Below, the old town with its famous Dragon Bridge and Triple Bridge has many cafes and bars lining a loop in the Ljubljanica River. The river itself has a number of names as it disappears and reappears seven times in the underlying limestone geology.

It feels a comfortable, manageable and friendly city with its small backstreets, green spaces and relaxed atmosphere and a night or two in Ljubljana would be a good addition to our holidays in Slovenia.

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Our Holiday Ideas

These holidays cover a range of different activities out in nature in Slovenia. Each can be tailored to your requirements whether as individuals or small groups of friends.

About Slovenia

We have been travelling to Slovenia for several years now and are delighted to showcase some of the country's natural history and the wide possibilities this brings for experiential adventures.

Slovenians are a friendly nation and most welcoming. The country infrastructure is very good and it is a pleasure to travel through scenery that can change dramatically every 30 minutes or so. Distances are short and you are never going to be stretched by travel meaning there is more time to enjoy doing the things you want to do.

Ljubljana is justifiably gaining in popularity as a vibrant yet historic old town but there is so much more to the country from the rocky peaks of the Julian Alps and the wonderful turquoise Soča River, to the vast forests of the south that are the domain of bears, to the vineyards of the east.

In summer it can be hot and is perhaps the best time to enjoy nature in the outdoors but really you may travel all year and in particular from April through until October on the holidays we are suggesting.


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