For some of the best fun under a woolly hat in Finland, Sweden & Iceland check out our great selection of winter holidays below! To help you with choosing your winter activity holidays or Northern Lights holiday we have written a brief guide to the range of different trips we offer.

 We had an amazing holiday - one of the best we have ever been on! Everything was perfect and we have not stopped recommending it to our friends. Thank you so much!Ms. N. - Australia 

 I will keep it brief. We had a well organised holiday with plenty to do and adequate rest time. The equipment used was top quality as were the guides. Accommodation was to a good standard and food was both plentiful and really tasty. The huskies were wonderful! I fully recommend this holiday to anyone of reasonable physical fitness.Mr. N. - Essex

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Our holiday with Wildlife & Wilderness was everything we could hope for. It was magical in every respect. Our wishes for a once in a lifetime experience were realised in full. The people we dealt with were knowledgeable and went out of their way to provide everything we asked for. The K. family - London

A wonderful holiday with many moments we'll treasure forever. Our experience with your fantastic customer service to our tour guides hospitality has been second to none.
Thank you! Mrs. M. - Surrey

Introduction to Winter Activity Holidays

Just about as much fun as you can have in the snow! The far north in winter holds a certain magic - the northern lights overhead of a night, the snow-covered trees bent over into imaginary trolls, the peace of a quiet forest snowshoe hike or the thrill of driving your own team of huskies. In the evening return to the warmth of a log cabin or cosy hotel and enjoy a sauna or log fire. Lifetime experiences.

For many it is the draw of the northern lights and this has certainly helped the popularity of winter activity holidays in Finland and Sweden in recent years. But when you travel north you will discover great Nordic hospitality and a wide range of holiday activities in the wilds of Lapland.

We have had clients travel north to Lapland now for almost 20 years and are one of the most experienced operators to this region. You will notice that we do not sell Santa packages. Instead, we like to concentrate on the broader appeal of a wider range of winter activities right across the season. Normally the season starts in late November and ends in mid-April. However, many dog sledding tours do not get underway until mid-January when the lakes are certain to be frozen and there is good snow cover for the huskies to run.

We have run dog sleds and snowmobiles in many areas of Finland, spending nights in wilderness cabins and enjoying snowshoe hikes in national parks; looking at the signs of wildlife left behind in the snow and generally revelling in the escapism of a holiday in Lapland.

Cross country skiing in Finland is a national institution and many resorts have extensive trails, making cross country skiing holidays enjoyable in excellent conditions. We will be adding cross country skiing holidays next year but have been skiing the trails ourselves for over 30 years.

In the meantime we are delighted to present a wide choice of holidays and are happy to chat through any aspect of a trip. Apart from the wilderness trips these holidays are generally based in good, comfortable accommodation, somewhere you can relax with a glass of wine and good food, anticipating another day of new winter activities or just relaxing and letting your mind wander through the maze of trees and out across vast frozen lakes to snowy fell tops and beyond.

In Iceland there are also some great options either for short breaks in the city with winter activity excursions and sightseeing. Alternatively, you may wish to discover some wonderfully good country hotels from which to explore Iceland in winter. The range of activities in Iceland is not as great as in Lapland but in Iceland you do get the chance to adventure by Super Jeep into remote wilderness areas not reachable by any other means.

A word of reality. Finland and Sweden do not have endless numbers of beds and winter activity holidays are becoming increasingly popular as family holidays, particularly for Christmas and the mid-February half term breaks. Early booking for these periods is essential. In fact if you are thinking of a winter activity holiday, consider booking as early as the summer before to ensure finding the best value airfares and the greatest choice of holiday destinations.

Observation of the aurora borealis, or northern lights, will continue to be good for the next few years.



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