Some excellent options for group tours and private trips into the wilderness for magical winter activities with dogs.

This was a wonderful trip and offered experiences which I will never forget. The Huskies were stars! Ms R. & Mr C - Edinburgh

Just the best holiday I have had for many years! Or maybe ever! The Huskies are so beautiful and I loved taking care of their "soup" for breakfast, chopping up their evening food and sorting them out with the harnesses etc. - they were so gentle and responsive when they got to know who was taking care of them this week! I wanted to smuggle a couple of home but probably wouldn't have gone down well with my dog! The fantastic guide went out of his way to tell us about the Huskies, the country and Finnish culture. The brilliant and fun group I was travelling with were all interesting and all happy to share the work and lots of laughs along the way! Ms H. - Reading

Listen to our podcast interview with Sanne from Swedish Lapland:

Our Holiday Ideas

The itineraries here have been carefully thought through based on our own experiences but our intention is always to create your own perfect holiday.

Without a doubt the best vacation I've ever been on. The scenery is breath-taking, made all the better by the company of the amazing huskies. By the final day you'll ache all over and all your clothes will smell of dog but it's worth it! Mr. D. - Bedfordshire

Thank you for the most amazing experience on our trip to Finland, it was probably the best holiday experience we have had. We loved the snowmobile trip, but the highlight was the 3 day husky trip into the wilderness.
Having to look after our own dogs, collect water from the lake and chop wood to make a fire was excellent. Then to walk out on to a frozen lake, miles from anywhere, and see the most amazing display of Northern Lights was like a 10 year old walking into Disney. Fantastic! Mr. C. - Suffolk

Introduction to Dog Sledding Holidays

You'll experience a ruffle of confusion as you stand among excited dogs as they are readied for the off on the first day of your adventure. There seem to be leads, harnesses and bouncing dogs everywhere - huskies love to run! Then there is the anticipation and perhaps a little apprehension that you will be in charge of so many dogs and an unwieldy sled.

This is nothing to the thrill of going from zero to top speed in a couple of seconds! Soon you will be away and feeling the control of the sled and having the confidence of the dogs knowing their own team, you are the latest member and over the next few days you will get to know your dogs and what they can and won't do!

On a dog sledding holiday you are expected to get involved, look after your dogs at the end of each day and in the mornings, you become part of their team. Guides normally run the lead sled, after all they know where they are going; but frequent stops are made and they are also there to stop runaway sleds when you might be left stranded in the snow. On the easier, less technical sections such as lake crossings, look up, look around and take in the beauty of the wilderness in winter. The sleds run quiet and add to the atmosphere.

A general level of fitness is required, as is a sense of balance or a low centre of gravity! You will need to be able to scoot or push the sled up hill, this is often not too frequent but the exercise can be hot work. Each night on tour is usually spent in wilderness cabins or mountain huts. These range in standards but even the most basic is likely to have a stove, fireplace, seats, table and bunk beds. Most in Finland also have saunas so that you can keep clean. Water may need to be fetched for you and the dogs, often drilling through lake ice to the pure clean waters below. Meals are cooked by the guides but a helping hand is appreciated. Sleeping is often dormitory style, but then on husky sledding adventures there are only small groups and you are unlikely to meet other guests. Some huts do have separate rooms for couples.

Dog sledding holidays are about having a superb time in great company and building friendships with other mushers and of course your dog sled team. As a word of warning, husky safaris can be addictive!


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