At Wildlife & Wilderness, with families ourselves, we understand that family time is important and we not only want you to cherish this time but also experience some fascinating new places and go on amazing adventures together, taking home with you special memories to treasure forever.

We also believe that travel is one of the best forms of education for adults and children alike and what better way is there to learn than to experience for yourselves. Whether it is discovering the diverse nature in the cloud forests of Cost Rica or tracking animals with Maasai guides on the savannahs of East Africa, we believe we can create the perfect family holiday for you.

Planning Ahead

With children you are no doubt limited to travelling in the school holidays and, as we are sure you are aware, early booking for these periods is essential. In order to secure the best airfares and any special offers it is always worth considering a family holiday to a destination that is slightly out of season during the school holiday time. For instance African safari holidays during the green season are of great value and children can often stay free.

A Few Destination Ideas

Costa Rica is a great destination for older children and an absolutely must for nature lovers. With extremely friendly locals and family friendly accommodations the country's compact size makes it relatively easy to travel to the different regions adding to the diversity and keeping the kids always interested. Perhaps you might choose the exhilaration of white water rafting, zooming over the canopy on zip wires, watching baby turtles hatch on the sands of Tortuguero or enjoy discovering nocturnal wildlife. The possibilities are endless.

See something new and share something special on a safari holiday in Africa. In many camps it is possible for families to have their own vehicles for game drives, or for guides to show the children different activities whilst the parents are off for morning and afternoon wildlife viewing or indulging in spa treatments. These children's activities can include shooting with bows and arrows, following the tracks of wildlife, face-painting or visiting villages and learning about their everyday lives without the need for luxuries, perhaps tasting their food and enjoying craftwork with the local community, bead making and basketwork. At the end of all the activities you could to head to the Indian Ocean for some R&R.

Canada offers an unforgettable experience for the whole family, and provides a colourful lesson in geography and wildlife. From the mountains to the beaches, this is the great outdoors at its very best and home to incredible scenery, unique experiences and outstanding wildlife. Hotels are perfectly equipped with many rooms offering 2 double beds and children often stay free.

Alternatively, in winter experience the local customs and culture on a short family break in Finnish Lapland. We have specific itineraries designed just for families where everyone can take part in either the fast paced action of winter activities or gentler more traditional family fun. Imagine the thrill of seeing the northern lights together and you'll never forget that look of sheer excitement on your children's faces as they speed along in a husky drawn sled.

All of our family holiday itineraries have been designed with children in mind, so let us start to create your perfect family getaway.

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