Whether you are planning the ultimate relaxation getaway or an action-packed wildlife adventure, your honeymoon is one of the most special holidays you will ever take. We are on hand to help you plan the precise details of your romantic journey with those all-important thoughtful touches that will make your honeymoon or anniversary celebration a truly memorable experience.

Imagine… Africa
A safari and beach honeymoon is the perfect combination of exhilaration and total relaxation. Imagine... the anticipation of visiting the wilds of Africa, the thrill of seeing the wildlife in its natural habitat, the warmth of the African bush and friendly local hospitality. Imagine too... beautiful white sand beaches, refreshing sea breezes and the inviting waters of the tropical Indian Ocean. The perfect end to a perfect honeymoon.

Other Destinations to Consider
A classic safari and beach honeymoon is not for everyone and over the years we have arranged many honeymoons to our preferred destinations all over the world. So, if an African safari doesn't appeal then rest assured we have a complete spectrum of different options for you to explore. Maybe you'd like to discover the Australian outback before relaxing on an island off the Great Barrier Reef or enjoy adventures in the rainforests of Costa Rica before kicking back on the Pacific coast beaches, discover brilliant macaws in the Amazon rainforest followed by a Galapagos Islands cruise or maybe take an Indian tiger safari before taking time out under the swaying palms in Kerala.

Winter Romance
If you are celebrating a winter wedding, then why wait until summer for your honeymoon.  We have some stunning offerings for winter romance, whether you wish to seek the Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland, experience luxury adventures in Sweden or witness breathtaking Icelandic landscapes.  With outstanding accommodations  awaiting your arrival, the world of winter travel is yours to explore.

Bespoke Arrangements
Whichever destination you choose, honeymoons are all about unique shared moments. Time together is obviously important and romance is key. We can arrange for many aspects of your special journey to be private, solely for you as a couple, from early morning sunrise game drives to secluded candlelit dinners under the stars. Finding the perfect balance of excitement, adventure and relaxation are also important, this journey heralds the start of your married life together and we would like you to take home memories that will last you a lifetime.

Our Approach
Safaris are often quoted as "once in a lifetime" experiences and that is exactly what a honeymoon should be. It is all in the detail and the little things most certainly do count. It is clichéd to say we will go the extra mile to ensure your honeymoon is special when many who already know us rest sure in the knowledge that this is our standard practice. We handle relatively small numbers of clients and each holiday matters as much to us as it does to you. Our approach is hands-on and personal and our expertise lies in creating the best bespoke safari holidays, no matter what the occasion.

Making Plans
No doubt you will have thought about and organised most of your wedding day arrangements months in advance so as not to miss out on that special venue, photographer or dress. This too should be the case for your honeymoon as many safari camps and lodges are often booked up months in advance. To ensure your wishes are met we are happy to begin discussions with you as soon as you start thinking of honeymoon ideas, you will find us enthusiastic and creative and if you need some inspiration then our knowledge and experience will shine.

Honeymoon Wish-List
You may wish to add certain aspects of your honeymoon to your 'wedding gift list'. At Wildlife & Wilderness, we operate a system unique to the needs of each couple. For instance, you may wish friends and relatives to contribute not only to the overall cost of your honeymoon but also to add additional experiences as a unique wedding gift. Maybe start your honeymoon with the added luxury of a lounge pass at the airport or upgraded seats. Once on safari, experience the classic balloon ride with champagne breakfast, indulge in spa treatments or sleep out together in a stunning location. Whatever your wishes, we are flexible enough to ensure your friends and family help you to bring home lasting memories.

Our Idea's For A Romantic Trip Away

As with every holiday we arrange, your honeymoon will be based on your ideas and truly tailored to your own personal wishes and history shows that we may well be booking future holidays for you too. We would love to take that journey with you, starting at the very beginning by planning your honeymoon. Here are just a few ideas to get you started...


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