Uganda & Rwanda Safari


Tour through Uganda & Rwanda

Primates & other wildlife


Outline Itinerary

1. Depart UK. Arrive Entebbe. Overnight in Entebbe.
2. Drive to Kibale.
3. Morning chimp tracking. Afternoon wetland walk.
4. To QENP and game drive.
5. Morning game drive. Afternoon boat cruise.
6. Via Ishasha to Bwindi.
7. Gorilla trekking.
8. To Kinigi.
9. Gorilla trekking.
10. Track golden monkeys.
11. To Akagera National Park.
12. Full day game drive.
13. Morning game drive and to Kigali to depart.
14. Arrive UK.


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Perhaps the best way to experience the western forests and national parks of East Africa discovering the regions gorillas, chimpanzees and other wildlife is to safari in Uganda and then continue south across the border into Rwanda.

This journey takes you from Lake Victoria first to Kibale Forest National Park where a wide range of primates live and it is possible to track habituated chimpanzees. After a morning with the chimps an enjoyable walk can be taken in Bigodi wetlands where many more primate species and a terrific variety of bird life including colourful turacos can be seen.

Moving around 3 hours southwards, Queen Elizabeth National Park offers a more traditional safari experience with savannah wildlife including lions, buffalo and elephant. Here the savannah is characterised by euphorbia trees as well as acacia. The park is also home to Kyambura Gorge where it is possible to track chimpanzees in the rainforest that fills this scar in the savannah landscape.

Southwards again you reach Bwindi to experience your first gorilla trek. This incredible experience will remain with you forever and as you journey through the forests the following day you have the opportunity to discover golden monkeys. Crossing the border into Rwanda brings you to the southern slopes of the Virungas and Volcanoes National Park. Here you may do a second gorilla trek, climb a volcanoe or discover the work of Diane Fossey.

Finally it is a pretty drive through rural Rwanda to reach Kigali. There is a chance to explore the city before ending this East African safari.

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